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90W Solar Street Light (9000 Lumen)

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Have you ever observed how tough it is to wire and deploy new lights on the exterior of your domestic or business? Most of us would simply say appoint an electrician and let them wire your new lights costing upwards of hundred if now not over a thousand greenbacks relying how difficult the installation is. See it for yourself: gif to add

Start Paraphrasing Our 90W Endurance Solar Lights supply a value effective, power efficient, and long time period outdoor lighting solution, giving you a absolutely off the grid option. Whether you are looking to light up a non-public driveway, parking lot, ranch, carport, shed, or any software where it may additionally be price prohibitive to add electrical infrastructure, these lights will provide the easiest and most most economical solution.

Need an even brighter light? Get a 120W 12000 Lumens light here.

  • Easy To Install.
  • Motion Sensing Mode (dims low light level until motion detected)
  • Remote Controlled (to change settings)
  • Timer (set to stay on for time intervals of 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs)
  • Auto Mode turns on in the evening (stays on all night) and off in the morning.
  • Brighter than ever: Endurance Lights is capable of illuminating up to 6000 Lumens at it's full power. Super bright solar light!
  • Weatherproof construction: Snow & rain storm-resistant, rustproof, super-durable resin frame providing extreme durability and reliability, even in very humid weather climates and coastal areas. You will never have to worry about damage from rain or sun exposure.
  • Color temperature: White light 6000-6500k
  • 120 Super Bright LEDS
  • 5 Lighting Modes: Motion detected, Always on, 2 hours timer, 4 hours timer and 6 hours timer.
  • Battery Size: 12000MAH
  • Solar Panel Specs: 10W/6V
  • Mounts on a wall with a mounting bracket which can be ordered here.
  • Light Coverage: 25 ft x 25 ft = 625 sq ft
  • Light Dimensions: 25.5x7.9inches


    • No Wiring or Electrical Power Needed
    • Dusk To Dawn Mode
    • ON/OFF switch
    • These Solar Outdoor Lights designed by Endurance Lights will light up your garden, driveway or more ALL NIGHT LONG with AUTO mode. 
    • 90W Endurance Lights last up to 12 hours during the night with only a few hours of sunlight.
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty
    • Refund Policy

How long does it take to receive my order?
You can find an accurate delivery time at checkout. When shipped, delivery should take no longer than 2-5 business days through FedEx.

Who should install my lights?
Endurance Lights requires NO wiring. Press ON/OFF button and mount your light to a wall or pole!

Does my light last all night?
Our lights stay on throughout the whole night with AUTO mode. You 5 Lighting modes are available.

choose a good placement to get the best charging results.

Where can I put up my lights?
Anywhere you would like!

Battery safety
Charging should be performed at a temperature between 14°F and 113°F (-10°C and 45°C).

Do I have warranty?
standard 1-year warranty is included.

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